When you decide it’s time to expand your home, it can be a thrilling as well as a scary experience. It’s a lot of time and money to build a house from scratch.

You need a builder you can trust, who stays in constant contact with you and builds you a home that lasts for a lifetime. You need OLO Builders.

OLO Builders

At OLO Builders, we’ve streamlined the home building process to give you a well-built structure that becomes a home for your family.

We take care of every detail, guiding you as you choose from hundreds of design options to make your new home uniquely yours.

We’ve developed a home building process that systematically takes care of your needs, expectations, and wishes. We provide painless organization, clear details, precise budgets, less paperwork, and more preparation.

There are no surprise costs when you hire us to build your new home. You also don’t have to put in any sweat equity to save money because of our affordable, no surprises floor plans. We build your home, your way.

We don’t do any hard selling, and we won’t upsell you on any additional products and services. Instead, we make the home building process efficient for you—a home built your way.

We’re a transparent home construction company, and we want to give you the following experiences:

  1. To enrich your life with a brand new home that meets your family’s needs and dreams.
  1. To ensure that you have a smooth, efficient home building experience to make your dream home a reality.
  1. To give you a home that endures lasts a lifetime, so generations of family memories are created.

We’re the Most Personal Builders You’ll Find

OLO Builders—we’re not the most prominent builder, but we’re always the most personal:

  • We give you our personal touch because we’re smaller. Yet, we have the resources of a large home construction company.
  • We’re a network of homebuilders committed to our building process that’s simplifies, streamlines, and systematically designs homes that focus on you, the homeowner.

The OLO customer experience begins and ends with our personal touch. From the first contact, each client gets a builders’ square with your family’s name on it.

Since we value consistent, open communication with our clients, the homeowner receives, early in the process, the contact information for 

  • Sales manager – Our sales managers ensure that you, the customer are satisfied. The sales manager also supports you through the building process with scheduled client touchpoints and regular check-in during the building process. 

If you need leading assistance, our sales managers correlate lenders for you. Our sales managers will present the contract and walk you through the process of finalizing your contract so construction can start.

  • Portfolio manager – Our portfolio managers work hard by reviewing contracts, with plan and project reviews. They also create the build schedule, manage any constraints, and walk through your home, checking for quality assurance.

Our portfolio managers coordinate when construction begins as well as manage budgets and payment approvals.

Our portfolio managers ensure that a home’s closing fulfills your expectations as well as complies with our strict quality and customer satisfaction standards.

  • Contract manager – Our contract managers oversee the accounting and contract management with our trade partners. They prepare, and process bank draws, AP/AR (accounts payable and accounts receivable), and negotiate pricing with trade partners and suppliers.

Our contract managers verify our trade partners before they start working on your new home. Our contract managers also collect construction drawings, permit packages as well as issue purchase orders to trade partners.

  • Field manager – Our field managers are the eyes and ears for everything that happens on the job site. They oversee our trade partners’ installation and handle quality control.

Our field managers also handle customer service and warranty requests as well as coordinate our trade partners’ schedules. Our field managers supervise the daily work at the job site as well as oversee other building projects.

Our field managers hold onsite meetings with you as well as inspect your new home before handing the keys over to you.

As you can see, we’re in constant contact with you, giving you up-to-the-minute details and progress reports on your new home. We provide you with a BuilderTrend account, so you can see how construction is moving along as well as communicate with your building team 24/7.

We’ll connect with you on social media, too, so you can share with your friends and family the progress of your new home. You can share your floor plan and progress photos that show your home coming together.

Our homes are move-in ready as soon as you get the keys to your new home. You’ll get white gloves to test the cleanliness of your home too. You have the final say in quality control.

At closing, you’ll receive a brass copper nameplate that’s mounted on your front door or on your porch. We also provide you with a doorknocker and doormat with your family’s name on it to welcome everyone to your brand-new home.

Enrich, Endure, and Ensure—our foundational values that build your new home.

Enrich – We build homes to enrich the lives of others

Endure – We build homes that speak to our reputation long after your home is built

Ensure – We build homes that last for generations.

At OLO Builders, we always provide you with hands-on customer service from the minute you fill out our contact form or call us. We don’t use gimmicks to earn your business. Instead, we give you our vast experience, trust, and personal touch. 

You can build your home with OLO Builders—a homebuilder with a personal touch.

The OLO Builders Advantage

We eliminate new home construction obstacles.

Faster Build Times

We can build your home much faster, with exception quality, over traditional builders.

More Affordable

We can build your family's new home at a much lower cost over traditional home builders.

NO Surprise Costs

There are NO surprise costs when you partner with us to design and build your new home.

Smart Floor Plans

Our floor plans are efficient, smart, and designed with you and your family in mind.

Local Builders

Our expert home builders are local and know the best materials and designs for your area.

Owner Involvement

You always work directly with the owners. We are invested in your satisfaction.

Premier Home Warranty

As "Builders of Integrity" we offer every new homeowner the ultimate protection with our Limited Warranty Agreement and standards from Quality Builders Warranty, which is backed by Liberty Mutual.

10-Year Warranty

OLO Builders provides new homeowners with a 10-year warranty. No new homeowner should accept anything less.

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Backed by Liberty Mutual

Through QBW, OLO Builders delivers the backing of a nationally licensed third-party insurer so your home is protected.

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Simple To Use

Our 10-year warranty coverage is very straight forward, simple to use, and removes confusion for homeowners.

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