What to Expect

At OLO Builders, you’re in good hands with your home’s construction. We work hard to make sure you’re a part of the construction process, extremely satisfied once your home is finished and confident in your new home.

Four Stages of the Home Building Process



Your first engagement with OLO Builders will be with an esteemed sales professional who will first seek to understand your needs and desires. Then they will work with you to carefully craft your home design including all the personalization you’d like to make; the salesperson will produce a price estimate for you instantly.


Your home will be fully built on paper before the hole gets dug! Every detail is accounted for in the PLAN stage so that the build process can move as smoothly as possible.


It’s time to start building your home – exactly the way it was designed on paper in the PLAN stage. You will be advised every step of the way about the progress being made.


Once your home closes, your OLO Team will handle any warranty items that arise. We don’t view our Clients as a relationship that ends when the home is finished. Our Client relationships are lasting and meaningful.

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