10-Year Warranty

At OLO Builders, we offer you the ultimate protection with our Limited Warranty Agreement and standards from Quality Builders Warranty, which is backed by Liberty Mutual.

Since each OLO Builders home carries the Quality Builders Warranty (QBW), you get a 2-year Builders Warranty along with QBW’s 10-year warranty to cover structural elements.

OLO Builders needed to go through a vetting process with Quality Builders to belong to its exclusive warranty program. OLO Builders demonstrated the following to QBW:

  • Technical knowledge – OLO Builders show that we build our new homes using the highest professional standards in the industry.
  • Craftsmanship – OLO Builders provides the best building materials and artisanship to build your new home.
  • Financial stability – OLO Builders proved to QBW that we had a strong financial foundation to build homes.

More Reasons to Partner with OLO Builders

When you invest with OLO Builders, you’re joining an organization that is backed by an exacting warranty company, QBW, as well as a nationally known insurance company, Liberty Mutual.

QBW.com has the most selective 10-year warranty program in the industry. QBW is the only warranty program operating with backing from a nationally licensed insurance company of this size.

You’re in good hands with QBW backing OLO Builders. Why?

Because QBW is committed to working with you during the resolutions process that’s simple and transparent. Our 10-year warranty program is designed to save you, the home buyer, and your builder, OLO Builders, time and money.

Quality Builders Warranty is a 10-year warranty that covers structural elements throughout the warranty’s length.

Our Warranty Program Provides You with More Than a 10-Year Warranty

OLO homes in the QBW program provide five extra benefits in addition to the above warranties:

1. You can know beyond doubt that OLO Builders has been carefully screened by QBW. QBW assures homeowners that OLO Builders is honest and reliable.

2. You can save money on your other insurance policies. Liberty Mutual recognizes QBW quality, and because of that, offers discounts on Homeowners and Auto Insurances.

3. QBW goes beyond their 10-year warranty protection by providing you with homeowner resources for you to turn to for home maintenance, complaint resolution, and other helpful information.

4. Complaint handling. QBW stands behind you, the home buyer if there is ever a complaint about your new home. We have established standards that eliminate the gray areas and possible disputes between you and OLO Builders. Our complaint resolution process is simple and efficient.

5. Confidence. You can rest assured that OLO Builders has been vetted for craftsmanship as well as reputation and financial stability.

Why OLO Builders Provides You with BuilderTrend

If you want to keep an eye on the construction of your new home, you’re in luck with OLO Builders. We add that extra layer of reassurance by being completely open with you during your home’s construction phase.

Before we start any construction, we’ll give you login information that takes you to your home’s website. Your website consists of:

1. Photos of your home’s construction process.

2. You can view the building schedule to make sure we’re on time.

3.  You can see and change orders and selections.

5. You can access important documents.

6. You can easily communicate with your OLO Builder 24/7 whether you’re at home, at the office, or on vacation.

You can build a new home with added reassurance from OLO Builders and QBW. We’ve opened ourselves up to accountability and scrutiny from QBW. We’re accountable to you too, with BuilderTrend. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain when you partner with OLO Builders for your new home.


As a purchaser of a new home in 2019, you are protected by the Quality Builders Warranty (QBW) Home Protection Policy. As a QBW home protection policy builder, we are required to meet certain standards of performance which will insure the quality of your new home. The QBW Home Protection provides you with a limited warranty from the Builder as well as an insurance policy underwritten by a national company which backs the Lifestyle Homes warranty and provides extended insurance coverage on major structural defects should they occur. To submit a service request, please login to your BuilderTrend Portal.

The OLO Builders Advantage

We eliminate new home construction obstacles.

Faster Build Times

We can build your home much faster, with exception quality, over traditional builders.

More Affordable

We can build your family's new home at a much lower cost over traditional home builders.

NO Surprise Costs

There are NO surprise costs when you partner with us to design and build your new home.

Smart Floor Plans

Our floor plans are efficient, smart, and designed with you and your family in mind.

Local Builders

Our expert home builders are local and know the best materials and designs for your area.

Owner Involvement

You always work directly with the owners. We are invested in your satisfaction.

Premier Home Warranty

As "Builders of Integrity" we offer every new homeowner the ultimate protection with our Limited Warranty Agreement and standards from Quality Builders Warranty, which is backed by Liberty Mutual.

10-Year Warranty

OLO Builders provides new homeowners with a 10-year warranty. No new homeowner should accept anything less.

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Backed by Liberty Mutual

Through QBW, OLO Builders delivers the backing of a nationally licensed third-party insurer so your home is protected.

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Simple To Use

Our 10-year warranty coverage is very straight forward, simple to use, and removes confusion for homeowners.

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