OLO Builders is Realtor Friendly!

Are you a Realtor who wants to partner with a reputable and trustworthy home construction company?

4 Ways Realtors Benefit from an OLO Builders Partnership

It’s risky to collaborate with home construction companies because they may take a long time to pay you, they may take business away from you, or they may not be upfront with what they have to offer your clients.

At OLO Builders, we’re different. We thrive on transparency. We have a reputation for paying our Realtors quickly and with no hassles. We also work alongside you to bring you more business.

Here are four additional reasons to partner with OLO Builders:

  1. Boost revenue: You can earn more money when you partner with us at OLO Builders. Not only can you offer more home and land choices to your clients, but we’ll also refer clients to you as well.
  2. Increase Listings: We provide Realtors with additional listings for our communities and home sites to show your clients.
  3. Get more listing leads because many buyers need to sell their current home first to put a down payment on a new home: You have your existing clients, but you’ll find other homeowners who need to get their house on the market to move forward with their new home’s construction.
  4. Get double listings: You get up to two times more listings because you’ll have three different types of home buyers:
    1. Those looking for land to build on
    2. Those who want to build a home in an OLO Builder community
    3. Those who own land and are now ready to build a house on it.


Provide More Options for Your Clients with Land and Home Packages

At OLO Builders, we provide your customers with floor plans that are more affordable than other builders. Plus, our builders construct homes faster—not because we just slap them up—but because we build quality homes efficiently. As a result:

  • Your clients can build their home in a community that they choose
  • Your client selects a floor plan that meets their family’s needs & wants
  • You close a deal with a satisfied, happy client
  • You won’t lose any commissions because you’re part of the home building process
  • Our floor plans are much more affordable and cut down on build time
  • Our homes come with a 10-year warranty from QBW.

It’s a win for you, the Realtor, as well as for us at OLO Builders because inventory shortages mean home buyers want/need to build. So, you have eager home buyers.

OLO Builders wins because you have access to MLS syndications, local and national web portals, and access to other industry professionals. You can bring more home buyers to us.

You’re still an advocate for your home-buying clients, though. For example, find and compare competitive rates and fees as well as the best lending program through us at OLO Builders or through another mortgage lender.


What Do You Have to Lose?

When you partner with us at OLO Builders, you can register your potentially interested clients with us.

If your client reaches out to us to build their home, you won’t be left in the dark. Instead, you and your clients’ are in our database, even if they don’t mention that you’re their Realtor.

We share the same objective as you do … helping families buy the best house that lasts for generations. As a partnership, you and we form a team that provides the best home for these growing families.

Register With OLO Builders

New home construction is operating at peak capacity, and new home sales are the hottest category in residential real estate today. It is clear that we share the same objective–helping families buy the best house for them. By working together, we can take advantage of what each of us has to offer. We are always looking to establish relationships with real estate agents. Come to our office anytime and let’s talk about how we can work together.


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