At OLO Builders, we’re here to make your dream of owning a brand new home a reality. We know that you have concerns about the homebuilding process. We’re here to make building your home easy, affordable and uniquely yours.

OLO’s 5 Core Values

At OLO Builders, we’re driven by our five core values. Our faith in God motivates us to enrich the lives of others—including you and your family’s life. We also care about our employees and the community at large.

Here are our five core values defined for you:

  • Our faith in God compels us to live a life of integrity, character, and fulfillment by helping others and providing true, lasting happiness. We know our success comes from God.
  • The families we serve. We exist to enrich the lives of others. We build our custom homes for families to gather, to feel protected, to make memories and to love each other.
  • Stewardship over our resources. We feel responsible for our employees, our customers and our local community.
  • The integrity of our character encourages homebuyers. We’re honest, hardworking and kind. At OLO Builders, we surround ourselves with creative, purposeful people who know how to improve our customers’ lives. We don’t just build homes; we build up people and their lives.
  • We only build quality homes. Our homes are more than shelters protecting your family from the weather. Indeed, our homes build your dreams. Your new home will be a safe haven to raise your family and create a lifetime of happiness.

Your new custom-built home is a place for comfort and security … the very essence of home.

Why We Build Homes

There are four reasons why we build custom homes:

  1. To enrich your life. We want your home to make your happy for a lifetime. It’s the place where your family gathers for meals, homework, movie and game nights. You want a place that your children return to after college and where they bring their grandchildren to visit for Sunday dinner.
  1. To ensure that your new home will be affordable and will benefit your family rather than take away from it. We want you to feel comfortable and confident when you agree to an OLO Builders’ home. We build our homes in communities that have great schools and neighbors. 

Our consumer-centric and influenced floorplans will amaze you at the variety and quality artisanship. You can read reviews from happy customers as well as see the homes we’ve built in Northern Utah.

  1. We build custom homes to endure the storms of life. Your home will always be a shelter of peace, love and belonging when life gets rocky for you and your family. 

Just one step inside your front door and a feeling of safety and security will envelop that family member going through a tough time.

  1. We build new homes to last for generations. We put a high value on creating homes that last for a lifetime and more. You want a rock solid home that can handle Utah’s climate as well as a sturdy shelter for your family to feel safe and secure.

Our homes come with a 10-year warranty from Quality Builders Warranty. Our company needed to be thoroughly vetted for financial stability and quality artisanship. We thoroughly interview our trade partners making sure that they match our values and mission at OLO Builders.

You’re Making the Right Choice When You Choose OLO Builders

We make the home-building process easy and affordable. You can build your new home on a lot that you already own or you can choose from any of our communities.

We’re “Builders of Integrity” and backed by a 10-year warranty from QBW and Liberty Mutual.

We provide you with hundreds of different design options covering the exterior and the interior of your home, so you make your home uniquely yours.

And you don’t have to put in any sweat equity. We’ve streamlined our process and made our home-building products 20% more affordable than our competitors charge. You save money when you allow us to build your home completely.

At OLO Builders, we enrich your family’s life by building homes that endure for generations. We ensure that you’ll love your new home since you picked out what you wanted in every nook and cranny of it.

The OLO Builders Advantage

We eliminate new home construction obstacles.

Faster Build Times

We can build your home much faster, with exception quality, over traditional builders.

More Affordable

We can build your family's new home at a much lower cost over traditional home builders.

NO Surprise Costs

There are NO surprise costs when you partner with us to design and build your new home.

Smart Floor Plans

Our floor plans are efficient, smart, and designed with you and your family in mind.

Local Builders

Our expert home builders are local and know the best materials and designs for your area.

Owner Involvement

You always work directly with the owners. We are invested in your satisfaction.

Premier Home Warranty

As "Builders of Integrity" we offer every new homeowner the ultimate protection with our Limited Warranty Agreement and standards from Quality Builders Warranty, which is backed by Liberty Mutual.

10-Year Warranty

OLO Builders provides new homeowners with a 10-year warranty. No new homeowner should accept anything less.

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Backed by Liberty Mutual

Through QBW, OLO Builders delivers the backing of a nationally licensed third-party insurer so your home is protected.

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Simple To Use

Our 10-year warranty coverage is very straight forward, simple to use, and removes confusion for homeowners.

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