Why purchase a new home over a home for sale?

Older, previously lived-in homes come with a history, be it questionable design, leaky windows or tired plumbing. New OLO Homes are designed for how we live today and offer a variety of customizing options — all of which come installed and with a warranty and energy efficiency in mind.

Are new homes as well built as older homes?

OLO Builder homes are energy efficient. We install new windows, HVAC equipment, insulation and sealing techniques that use about half the energy as homes built before 1980. This translates into energy savings for you and environmental sustainability for our planet.

How is buying a home better than renting one?

You can rent a house that allows you to do some maintenance. But you can’t build equity or receive significant tax benefits when you rent a home. 

The greatest benefit of buying an OLO home is freedom. You have the freedom to make home improvements, paint the walls, and hang pictures wherever you want. Find out your financing options and select your floor plan today.

Why do some home building options seem to cost more through OLO Builders compared to local home improvement stores?

Many retail outlets estimates are very conservative and often don’t include additional costs. OLO Builders offers a “bumper-to-bumper” warranty. 

Additionally, we offer to install every item you choose from our vast catalog of design options.

Once I choose a floor plan model, do I have any other options?

Once you have chosen your floor plan, there are several options available to personalize your home. 

Up to the time of you signing your contract, you can make structural selections, including room extensions, fireplaces, and ceiling vaults. You will have an opportunity to make many color and interior selections as well.

How will I be able to customize my OLO home?

There are many opportunities to customize the look and feel of your new OLO home once you choose your floor plan. Your sales manager will work with you through the selection process to ensure the final product matches what you want in your new home.

How much money will I need at closing?

Your closing costs depend upon 

  • The sale price of your OLO Builders’ home
  • The amount of your down payment and fees linked to the home’s purchase 
  • Any escrow you need for mortgage insurance, prepaid taxes, attorney’s fees, title insurance, and so on.
How do OLO Builders help me afford a new home?

Our fixed floor plans mean that we build your home faster so you can lock in better interest rates and get the financing you need. We provide you with trusted lenders who we’ve worked with in the past.

Additionally, we cut your construction costs, and we work with you to find a home loan for your new house. 

Our Sales Managers can partner with our network of realtors to sell your home so you can pay a down payment on your newly built home. And OLO provides you with more house for the money.

Our family is growing, and we need more living space. How do you help us build a home for our larger family that we can afford at the same time?

We have floor plans to meet your family needs and budget. While they’re fixed floor plans, we also allow you flexibility in the design and layout of your home. 

We provide you with thousands of samples for you to choose from. Our sales manager will provide you with swatches and other samples so you can see and feel the design elements before making your final selections.

What types of floor plans are available for our budget/timeline/family needs?

We have three different types of floor plans to meet your families’ needs and budget.

You can choose from

  • Rambler homes
  • Patio homes
  • Two-story homes.

While our floor plans are fixed, we allow you flexibility in the design and layout of your home. We provide you with hundreds of samples for you to choose from. 

Are there any hidden fees or surprise costs in your final estimation?

When you invest in an OLO home, you’ll find that there are no hidden or surprise costs. At OLO Builders, we don’t sell clients design elements they don’t need. In other words, we don’t upsell them designs just to get the price higher.

We value you, the home buyer, and we focus our attention on your pain points—what you need in a new home. 

Examples of questions we’ll ask you:

  • What parts of your current home don’t you like? 
  • What things do you want (more than one bathroom, more bedrooms, bigger kitchen) in your new home?

You work directly with the OLO Builder owner or their sales manager. We don’t hide anything from you. We measure your happiness with our surveys throughout the home building process.

Finally, we don’t use high-pressure sales tactics to coerce you into designs you don’t want in your new home. Our contracts include a final price summary for community lots. It’s OLO Builders’ final price guarantee.

How long does it take for you to build a home?

At OLO Builders, we strive to build our production homes in three to four months. Once construction commences, this timeline can vary due to the home plan selected, lot location, time of year, weather, etc.  

It’s in your best interest that we build your home promptly. Since we only create a certain amount of homes at one time, we’re able to focus our time and attention on giving you the best home construction experience.

Finally, we strive for faster build times, and our floor plans provide you with larger savings. We work with local builders and trade partners to keep your costs down.

Do you charge per square foot?

No, we provide you with a fixed floor plan with flexible designing.

How do we know what we can afford in a house?

At OLO Builders, we’ve perfected our business operations to make the home buying experience affordable. We have fixed prices on our homes, so there are no surprises for you at closing. 

You get a final price summary, so you know what services and products are going into your home as well as how much they cost. 

Our sales managers work with you to pick out design elements to fit your family’s needs. We have thousands of design elements for you to choose from based on our customers’ preferences and experiences.

We survey all of our customers, including you, throughout the construction process, so we know what floor plans are popular with families. We don’t add any hidden costs, and we won’t pressure you into a floor plan you don’t like.

We use a needs assessment to help you decide what you need and don’t need in your new home.


Do you help us create a beautiful yard?

We offer landscaping services in some of our communities. We also have an extensive trade partners’ network that we’ll share with you if landscaping isn’t part of the community.

How good are the schools?

At OLO Builders, we’ll build your home in any school district that we serve. You only need to decide what school district will be the best fit for your children.

How long until the entire community is built?

We’ll finish your community in a reasonable period because we do what we promised we would do.

What loan options are available, including interest rates?

We provide lenders who are competitive in the marketplace with their rates and fees. When you apply for a mortgage at any of our lenders, you can be confident that you’re getting the best pricing available.

What happens if I can’t get a construction loan or don’t have enough money for a down payment?

At OLO Builders, we help our clients through trusted lending partners obtain construction loans to begin the building process. We work with our home buyers on a case-by-case basis regarding down payment issues.

We work hard to enrich your life with a home construction process that ensures you’re satisfied with your new that endures for a lifetime. Contact OLO Builders today to start the process toward a brand new home.

The OLO Builders Advantage

We eliminate new home construction obstacles.

Faster Build Times

We can build your home much faster, with exception quality, over traditional builders.

More Affordable

We can build your family's new home at a much lower cost over traditional home builders.

NO Surprise Costs

There are NO surprise costs when you partner with us to design and build your new home.

Smart Floor Plans

Our floor plans are efficient, smart, and designed with you and your family in mind.

Local Builders

Our expert home builders are local and know the best materials and designs for your area.

Owner Involvement

You always work directly with the owners. We are invested in your satisfaction.

Premier Home Warranty

As "Builders of Integrity" we offer every new homeowner the ultimate protection with our Limited Warranty Agreement and standards from Quality Builders Warranty, which is backed by Liberty Mutual.

10-Year Warranty

OLO Builders provides new homeowners with a 10-year warranty. No new homeowner should accept anything less.

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Backed by Liberty Mutual

Through QBW, OLO Builders delivers the backing of a nationally licensed third-party insurer so your home is protected.

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Simple To Use

Our 10-year warranty coverage is very straight forward, simple to use, and removes confusion for homeowners.

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