Join other homeowners who put their money into a new OLO Builders’ home. We survey our customers to make sure that we followed through on our promises to them … creating a home that’s uniquely designed to meet your family’s needs and dreams.

Who is OLO Builders?

We’re a network of home builders committed to “enriching lives by building brilliant homes” using a building process that’s simplified, streamlined and systematically designed to make the process of building a home easy for homeowners. 

At OLO Builders, we’re sensitive to your budget and financial concerns. We provide you with two warranties and assist with financing. We point you to realtors who can help you sell your current home, so you have available money for a down payment on your new home.

We have over 100 years of working experience in the home building industry. We’re a local company with a national feel presence. Collectively, we’ve built thousands of homes. 

We’re a smaller builder with a personal touch. We listen, respond, and react as a team to your needs. For example, the sales manager doesn’t drop you once contracts are signed. Matter of fact, our sales managers stay with you as a resource throughout the building process.  

We use software and tools to keep you updated and to communicate regularly through scheduled on-site client meetings, regular check-ins, and prompt responses to your questions and concerns. 

You Can Count on OLO Builders for Your New Home

We’re an efficient home builder, and we designed systems to save you money. Our floor plans reduce the cost of your home right away. Our homes are more affordable since we streamlined our home construction process.

You can count on us to follow through on our promises. Your home has a 10-year warranty because we belong to Quality Builders Warranty. 

You can trust us at OLO Builders because you work with the owner or sales manager of your OLO team. We operate like small builders—giving you that personal touch. Yet, we have more substantial builder resources to provide you with hundreds of design options.

We confirm selections with suppliers before construction begins to ensure your selected materials are available for the build. Sometimes tariffs or other
circumstances have forced us to change a product, but again “confirmed that all of the selections you choose for your home will be used” is a very best attempt, but we don’t make a change without notifying the client.

You can be assured that you won’t go to closing and learn about any hidden costs—that’s why we use fixed floor plans. We’re here to save you money and still build a quality home that lasts for generations.

Our Values are Incorporated into Every Home We Build

There’s always that niggling doubt when you partner with a home construction company. You’ve probably heard about other people’s horror stories working with other construction companies.

At OLO Builders, we’re different. We thrive on your happiness in your new home. You’re in safe hands when OLO Builders designs and builds your new home. 

We want you to have an awesome home building experience.

To that end, we’re here to …

…Inspire You

The moment you begin, you will know you are in for a very different experience, designed to inspire and be inspired by your unique personality.

…Support You

We know a thing or two about style and our entire staff is here to offer advice, expertise and support whenever you need it. Just think of us as your own home building entourage.

…Impress You

From keeping you in the loop to our fast build times to our commitment to building you a quality home, our first and primary goal is to totally and completely wow you.

You can count on the following from us at OLO Builders

  • We’re organized.
  • We’re detail-oriented.
  • We’re sensitive to your budget and timeline.
  • We’ve reduced the time dealing with paperwork because most of our work is done with a state-of-the-art software program.
  • Our design and build teams come prepared to create a home for you and your family.
  • Customer satisfaction is our number one priority—we partner with you in the home-building process.
  • We value you and your family, so your house is more than just a shelter to us. It’s a home that nurtures your family.
  • Our proven floor plans help save you money and time during the construction process. We built the same type of home hundreds of times due to home buyer requests for a particular layout.
  • We’re efficient because we incorporate the open concept and flow of the home with intentional placement of specific rooms and areas. This efficiency makes your new home convenient and exciting to live in. 
  • We’ve provided specific structural options and layouts with defined dimensions. We make sure that all of our designs are price conscious and eliminate waste. 
  • We build smart homes to save you money on your utilities. We integrate the entire house by providing options of applying ZipTech technology on the sheating of the home, smart nest thermostats, and green whisper fans as examples. 
  • Our faster build times saves you money in interest and your mortgage. We use precise plans for us to build a house that goes up quickly.
  • At OLO Builders, we work with you, the home buyer, throughout the entire construction process.
  • You’ll evaluate our work by filling out a survey after you complete the sales process. Then we ask you to fill out a second survey right after you move into your home, and we survey you again after the first year living in your new home. 

These surveys are vital to the success of our company. Other potential home buyers read your level of satisfaction in three different stages of your home’s construction. This information encourages other home buyers to work with us at OLO Builders.

Our time-proven construction system gives you an enriching home construction process. You’re ensured to get the design selections you choose, and our homes endure for the long-term. 

Contact us today to build your new home!

OLO Builders is not your typical home builder. We have the audacity to believe you are not only important, but that you deserve the very best value possible. We also get that building a home is a big deal. That is why with us, you will find a refreshing atmosphere, designed to create the most stress-free and enjoyable experience possible. And, if you are looking to do something different with your new home, we are always ready and willing to offer our thoughts, guidance and out-of-the box approach.

This company is our family, and we simply will not bring anyone into it that is not totally passionate about what they do, committed to the company, and a lot of fun to work with. This difference trickles down to our attitude, the company’s atmosphere and the way we treat our customers.
Happy Office = Happy Customers

The OLO Builders Advantage

We eliminate new home construction obstacles.

Faster Build Times

We can build your home much faster, with exception quality, over traditional builders.

More Affordable

We can build your family's new home at a much lower cost over traditional home builders.

NO Surprise Costs

There are NO surprise costs when you partner with us to design and build your new home.

Smart Floor Plans

Our floor plans are efficient, smart, and designed with you and your family in mind.

Local Builders

Our expert home builders are local and know the best materials and designs for your area.

Owner Involvement

You always work directly with the owners. We are invested in your satisfaction.

Premier Home Warranty

As "Builders of Integrity" we offer every new homeowner the ultimate protection with our Limited Warranty Agreement and standards from Quality Builders Warranty, which is backed by Liberty Mutual.

10-Year Warranty

OLO Builders provides new homeowners with a 10-year warranty. No new homeowner should accept anything less.

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Backed by Liberty Mutual

Through QBW, OLO Builders delivers the backing of a nationally licensed third-party insurer so your home is protected.

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Simple To Use

Our 10-year warranty coverage is very straight forward, simple to use, and removes confusion for homeowners.

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